Swim with Dolphins Activities in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta, rated as the friendliest city in the world and the greatest Mexican holiday destination, is a truly lovely spot with a picturesque downtown covered in cobblestone streets and colonial buildings where you’ll discover fantastic activities and learn more about Mexican culture.

Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican vacation city located on the Pacific Ocean’s Banderas Bay, between the Mexican states of Jalisco and Nayarit. The wonderful weather combined with the exceptionally pleasant people that live there makes for an unforgettable holiday.

Dolphin Exploration Puerto Vallarta is located inside Aquaventuras Park Vallarta, one of the most magnificent tourist attractions and a local and visitor favourite.

This fantastic water park is just a few minutes from downtown, in Nuevo Vallarta, and will undoubtedly provide you with a day full of fun and adventure with your family and friends.

Swimming with dolphins and sea lions will ensure a perfect vacation, and if that isn’t enough, you have ten amazing water slides, a refreshing ride down the slow river, marine animal shows, and our newest attractions for those with an adventurous spirit: an intrepid zip line and a climbing wall challenge.

We have a specific area with a playground for the small ones, ensuring a fantastic experience for parents as well.

Take a dolphin and sea lion swim in Puerto Vallarta

Bring your fantasies to life by swimming with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta! The world-class dolphin and sea lion facility at Dolphin Adventures is the ideal spot to swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta.

With an excellent team of really kind, pleasant, and engaging people who are enthusiastic about nature and specialists in their fields, we present the most instructive and participatory events available.

 Our first goal is the health and well-being of our animals, as well as providing you with the BEST vacation day possible. Meet the adorable creatures and marine mammal specialists who distinguish Dolphin Adventure!

Everything You Need to Know About Our Dolphin and Sea Lion Encounter Tours

Have you always wanted to swim with dolphins? What about shaking sea lions’ hands (or flippers!)?

In Puerto Vallarta, get up and personal with sea lions and swim with dolphins to make memories that will last a lifetime. Continue reading to discover more about our dolphin and sea lion encounter trips at Vallarta Adventures.

Meet Dolphins and Sea Lions Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Dolphin Adventure, Puerto Vallarta’s world-renowned centre for marine life rehabilitation and education, hosts our dolphin and sea lion encounter experiences.

 Visitors are educated about marine life through hands-on excursions led by highly qualified and experienced marine specialists.

There is no better trip for a terrific educational experience mixed with the excitement of swimming with dolphins and other marine creatures.

Dolphin Centers with Humane Conservation™ Certification

Dolphin Adventure is thrilled and honoured to announce that our world-class dolphin centre has received Humane ConservationTM accreditation, giving our customers peace of mind that our dolphins and sea lions are well-cared for and respected.

The American Humane Association’s Humane Conservation programme assures that the greatest degree of animal care is ALWAYS reached.